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Sunday 11 April 2021

Top 10 Mistakes in Floor Finishing Part 2

Floor Cleaning

You’ve never made any of these common floor finishing mistakes, have you?

Mistake #5 … Contaminating the Finish

Never pour unused floor finish back into the container. This will contaminate it and cause problems on the next job. Not sure what finish to use? Refresh your knowledge.

Mistake #4 … Rushing the Application

Patience is a virtue when applying floor finish. If the floor is not COMPLETELY dry, additional coats of finish will soften and ‘bite’ into the previous coat, resulting in a floor with both dull and shiny areas. The only solution will be to re-strip your floor. NEVER rush the application of additional coats of finish.

Mistake #3 … Force Drying

Never force dry a floor with a fan pointed directly at it. If a fan or air mover is used, raise it or point it above the floor to circulate the air above the floor.

Mistake #2 … Closing the Door on Your Work

Closing off a room when the job is complete can interfere with airflow, and the floor may not dry or cure properly. Keep doors open and the AC running until the floor is completely dry.

Mistake #1 … Moving in Too Soon

Keep furniture off the floor for at least 24 and preferably 48 hours as the floor continues to cure. During periods of higher humidity it may take longer for the floor to cure. If furniture is replaced before the floor has dried and cured, the legs may stick to the floor.

A little foresight and planning can result in a finished floor you can be proud of. Lay out your timeframe in advance and you’ll be less tempted to overextend your workload or take short cuts. Remember that, after the finishing is complete, daily maintenance with the right chemicals and tools is the best way to keep floors looking great for a longer period of time.





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