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Sunday 11 April 2021

Top 10 Mistakes in Floor Finishing Part 1

Floor Cleaning

Have you ever finished a floor, only to look at it and think, ‘something is wrong’? Anyone who has ever applied floor finish will likely have a few mistakes that they have made during the process. Some errors are due to rushing through a phase of the job, while others can be attributed to not accounting for environmental factors like heat and humidity. And of course there are those infamous ‘duh’ moments everyone wishes they could forget! You’ve never made any of these common floor finishing mistakes, have you?

Mistake #10 … Leaving a Little Behind

If the floor was stripped, was it stripped completely? Any areas where the old finish was not totally removed will show up as ugly ‘dirty patches’ when the floor is refinished. Using a professional quality stripper like Low Odor Floor Stripper will help, but proper technique is critical.

Mistake #9 … Rushing the Rinse

Are you taking time for a final rinse? Use clean water, a clean mop and a neutralizing solution like Trax-buster, which conditions floors after stripping. If the floor is not completely clean and neutralized prior to application of floor finish, performance and appearance issues will quickly become evident and you may have to start over. Don’t make this obvious mistake!

Mistake #8 … Not Swapping the Mop

There’s a big difference between cleaning mops and finishing mops. Using cotton cleaning mops or applicators to apply floor finish can leave lint on the floor, and may cause streaking due to uneven application. Use only mops or applicators that are specifically intended for finishing floors.

Mistake #7 … Using Dirty Tools

Always use clean tools. If a bucket is used, insert a plastic trash can liner to prevent contamination. You can also wrap the liner around the mop between coats, during breaks or at the end of a shift. This prevents the finish from drying out and reduces cleanup time.

Mistake #6 … Not Planning Your Exit Strategy

Be sure to start at the far end of the floor you are finishing and work your way out the exit. The last thing you want after all of your hard work is to realize you’ve boxed yourself into a corner.


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