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Sunday 11 April 2021

Daily / Weekly Office Cleaning Procedures

The following steps are based on the assumption that someone will be able to clean the office daily. If this is not the case, the daily and weekly clean up procedures can be combined.

daily/weekly cleaning routine

Daily Cleaning Procedures

A. Visually check the area for any types of debris or paper. Pick these items up and dispose of them properly.

B. Vacuum up any dirt or debris that can't be removed by hand. Using a backpack vacuum is a great way to quickly and efficiently vacuum up around office cubicles.

C.If there are any spots or stains on the carpets, floors, walls, furniture or baseboards immediately wipe those up. For carpet or upholstery stains, start by identifying the type of stain by using our stain removal instructions guide. Then follow up with a portable spotter like our carpet spotter stain removing machine to remove the stain and chemical.

Weekly Cleaning Procedures

A. Dust all surfaces, including desks, filing cabinets, cubicle walls and shelves.

B. Empty trash cans and replace garbage bags, a very popular size is the high density 10-15 gallon trash bags for individual offices. Clean trash can and surrounding area if necessary.

C. Wipe down desks, telephones, calculators, and computer keyboards thoroughly using a disinfectant spray that has been sprayed on a micro fiber cloth or a disinfecting wipe, like our germicidal disinfecting wipes.

D. Dust heating vents, ledges, door jambs and window sills at any easily reachable level.

E. Dust mop all tiled or hard surface floors, then sweep up that debris into dust pan following our dust mop procedures.

F. Wet mop all hard floor surfaces following our step by step floor mopping instructions.

G. Vacuum all carpeted floors, starting with the mats and runners, following our carpet vacuuming procedures.

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