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Sunday 11 April 2021

How Clean are the Walls of Your Business?

cleaning walls

When it comes to facility cleaning, we all know the basics: you’ve got to clean the floors, windows, furniture, fixtures, restrooms, break rooms…but what about your walls? Didn’t even think about those, did you? 

But you should. All walls hold onto dust and grime and will appear dingy over time. Walls, even those that appear smooth, have a texture, and that texture grabs and holds onto dirt, especially in buildings where there’s manufacturing going on inside or even nearby.

Here are a few reasons you should ask your janitorial service to give some attention to your walls at least once a year:


1. Wall washing will improve the appearance of your facility. The first things you see when you walk into a building are the front door, the overall condition of the lobby, and the walls. Walls that are dirty (or worse, walls that show damage) detract from everything else that’s “right” about this important first impression.

2. A regular program of wall washing will improve the health / sanitation in your facility. Dirty and oils from hands, environmental pollutants, bacteria, dead microorganisms, smoke, dust from HVAC systems…these all stick to walls and erode the quality of the air you breathe. A sticky film quickly develops and worsens over time – something a professional wash with the proper cleansers will eliminate.

3. Wall washing will keep your facility bright. Most facilities leverage reflected light to help create an airy feel throughout, to enhance safety, and to reduce the need for lighting. Unwashed walls will eventually absorb dirt and keep light from reflecting off of it, resulting in a dim, drab atmosphere.

4. Consistent wall cleaning maintains the life expectancy of paint and wallpaper. By removing all that dirt, dust and grime, you help maintain the integrity of the paint or wallpaper that’s on your walls. Chances are, you won’t have to repaint as often, and the paint you do put on will stick better when surfaces are free of contaminants. 

Try this trick: dampen some paper toweling and run it across large sections of a wall, making sure to get high on the wall and low. Now take a look – do you see all that dust and dirt?

Using special equipment and gentle cleansers, a qualified janitorial service can improve the look of your walls, the quality of the air, and the life expectancy of your wall coverings. We recommend a professional wall cleaning at least once each year, or more frequently if your company experiences a high level of buildup.

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