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Sunday 11 April 2021

5 Cleaning Tools to Keep at Your Desk

Keeping your desk clean in an organized isn’t always a top priority during the typical busy workday. Maintaining a clean workspace is important to not only create a healthy work environment, but to increase productivity as well. Cleaning your desk however may be easier than you think if you have to right tools available.

Cleaning Tools

 Here are five cleaning tools you can keep at your desk to help keep your workspace clean.

Paper Towels/Napkins: Spills happen when we least expect it and typically there is a moment of panic after the spill. During that time the drink you just spilled will start to sink in in your carpet, clothes and can cause damage to your electronics. The quicker you can react to a spill the less damage it will cause. We recommend keeping paper towels or napkins close by so that you can quickly soak up any accidental spill that takes place at your desk.

Stain Remover Pen:  Stain remover pens like the Tide to Go pen can be life savers. They are great at removing minor stains from fabric. Accidents happen and keeping one of these pens close by can be a life saver in case you spill coffee on your favorite shirt.

Hand Sanitizer: During the typical work day you never know whose hands you are going to shake. To reduce the spread of germs in your office we recommend keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk. This will reduce your chances of catching and spreading a sickness.

Disinfecting Wipes: Germs like hang out on our computers, telephones and on top of our desks mainly because they are transferred via our hands when we use them. Disinfecting your electronics and your desk can be done in under a minute with disinfecting wipes. All you need to do is wipe your desk to kill germs or remove any dust or dirt.

A Place for Everything: Part of maintaining a clean workspace is organization. Clutter increases dust build-up, germ count and can also reduce productivity. Use a holder for your pens, and paper trays to organize loose papers. Staying organized will also save you time and money spent on office cleaning.

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