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Sunday 11 April 2021

About Us

OakPalm Limited

Oakpalm Limited has ten (10) years industry in training and executing contracts across varied sectors including but not limited to the financial, telecommunication, educational, hospitality, freight & cargo and real estate sectors.

 1.     Janitorial/Cleaning services

We provide cleaning (janitorial) services for corporates as well as individuals for a one- off assignment or contract. We are committed to providing you with the spotless and sanitized office space. We work tirelessly to ensure that your workplace is maintained to the highest hygienic standards. We pay great attention to detail and provide greater efficiency in areas covered. This attention covers such critical areas as office space / work stations, washrooms, kitchens/ eating areas among others.

Our references here include Standard Chartered Bank, Bond Savings and Loans, National Accreditations Board, Swissport Ghana and GlaxoSmithKline Ghana

2.    Sale of Cleaning Chemicals & Hardware

We are the sole representative and distributor of PREMIERE PRODUCTS (a leading UK cleaning chemicals manufacturer). We stock a wide range of cleaning chemicals ranging from floor maintainers, strippers, polishes, washroom descalers & disinfectants, urinary blocks, carpet shampoos, furniture polish, odour digesters, air fresheners etc. Additionally we sell dust sweepers, mop buckets (Kentucky and domestic) and mops, floor scrubbing pads, Scourers, caution signs, cleaner’s caddies, trollies etc

 3.     Facility Management

Oakpalm Limited provides comprehensive facility management services for gated residences and apartments. Our service provision includes but not limited to security, waste management, pest control, generator set fuelling & maintenance, sceptic tank emptying, bulk water supply, landscaping, electrical and plumbing repair works and swimming pool management (cleaning & maintenance).

 4.     Janitorial supplies

We also stock a wide range of washroom consumables including but not limited to toilet rolls (standard size, mini-jumbo, jumbo), hand wash soaps, sanitizer gels, dispensers(toilet rolls, sanitizers, hand towels), air fresheners (dispensers & refills) among others.

Our hardware products include mopping systems, sweepers and dust collectors, range of dusters, nose masks, toilet brushes, range of hand gloves, and jumbo range of toilet rolls, paper towels, and floor tools among other.

 5.     Feminine Hygiene Service

We provide female washroom visitors with a discrete and hygienic means of disposing of feminine hygiene waste. Our complete waste disposal service helps the disposal of feminine hygiene waste in a safe, sensitive and environmental friendly manner ensuring your business’ compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations. This leaves a clean and pleasant smelling washroom environment. To ensure a delightful washroom experience, our feminine hygiene bins contain an environmentally friendly deodorising sachet which combats the unpleasant odours inside the bin, whilst slowing releasing fresh fragrance to deliver constant cubicle freshness. We provide this service for Airtel Ghana (country-wide), Bond Financial, among others.

 6.     Pest Control

Oakpalm is certified by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) (registration number EPA/CCMC/GAR/LCO-000120/16) to undertake fumigation. We cover rodent and reptile control as well as ants, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes and wall geckoes among others. Our clients in this operational area include Unicom Chemist, East Cantonment Pharmacy, Airtel Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, CAL Bank and UT Holdings (UT Home), International Organization on Migration [IOM].

 7.     Specialized Cleaning

We have the capacity to undertake specialized cleaning. We undertake roller/ castor tracks cleaning, industrial warehouse cleaning. We have the expertise, chemicals and equipment to professionally and efficiently execute such specialized assignments. 

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