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Sunday 11 April 2021

Soft Facility Management

Although often underestimated, efficient soft facilities management is vital for a thriving business. OakPalm Limited has extensive experience of delivering such utilities, ranging from waste management and cleaning services to pest control or office moves and redecoration.

Effective soft facilities management not only provide a cleaner environment to work in or visit, but help you to make a far more efficient working environment, whether in an office, cultural building or any other sort of property. We remove the day-to-day hassle of dealing with tasks such as cleaning, recycling and waste. This gives you and your staff far more time to focus on more important tasks.

Our services can be provided individually or as part of an integrated solution. OakPalm's soft facilities management cater for any sort of business, whatever its size or scope. Our multi-skilled staff deal with all of the factors that you don’t have time for, making your workplace clean and tidy whilst generally helping to maintain and improve the performance of your business.

Soft FM services

We offer these forms of soft facilities management, whether individually or as part of a wider integrated system:

  • Waste: OakPalm helps to keep your business clean with effective waste management. This includes dealing with sanitary waste, recycling and disposing of confidential waste efficiently.
  • Cleaning: whether general or industrial cleaning is needed, OakPalm’s team have an eye for detail and a fantastic work ethic, meaning our cleaning services are completed to the best standard.
  • Security: OakPalm can provide surveillance cameras, alarms and guarding. This offers you peace of mind whenever your building closes, whether for the night or at other times of day.
  • Aesthetics: We can repair small scale damage to external and internal areas, or arrange for full landscaping or in-house decoration. It’s easy to keep the inside and outside of your building looking its best.
  • Office moves: If the thought of moving offices fills you with dread, OakPalm can remove the hassle for you. We will help any move to run smoothly and quickly, including dealing with waste management or recycling old furnishings.
  • Catering: Whether you need platters, vending or full menus and eating areas for clients, staff, meetings, visitors, special events or hospitality functions,  we can provide quality food solutions and professional catering staff.
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